LUSH haul (22)
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A Lush Haul

LUSH haul (22)

As I have recently been hired as a Christmas temp at Lush, it seemed fit to take advantage of my staff discount and I had a list of goodies I had my eye on piling up and finally went a bit mental and gone a did a Lush haul! (BTW: all opinions voiced are completely my own and have not been told by the company to sing their praises – I’ve always been a huge Lush fan!)

The Winter range isn’t released in stores across the UK until 2nd October (unless you’re lucky enough that your local shop is Oxford Street!) so I’d picked up some of the classics I’m embarrassed to admit I haven’t tried before! I have seen all of the Winter products soon to be released and there are some beauts, so I’m sure it won’t be too long until my next haul!

LUSH haul (17)

FACE! I’ve gone for face mask; Mask of Magnaminty which smells divinely minty and is designed to freshen up skin especially prone to blemishes so I’m expecting great things! (Also one of the face masks that aren’t fresh so doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge! Quite handy when sometimes you forgot you bought it/not put it back in the fridge – oops!) I needed a new face exfoliator and as Ocean Salt is another mega popular product I wanted to see what all the fuss was about!

LUSH haul (20)

Shower products I’ve chosen are the glorious The Olive Branch shower gel and Buffy, a body exfoliant. The latter of which I have used before many years ago and found it particularly lovely as I suffer from keratis pilaris (those annoying red bumps on the back of arms and legs) and Buffy both sloughs away bumpy bits and softens the skin so no need to moisturise afterwards!

LUSH haul (19)

HAIR! Tangled is a fairly new addition to the vast hair care range and is one of three hot oil treatments available. I’ve gone for the lightest one as my hair isn’t too damaged or dry but I do get my fair share of split ends and annoying mass-like knots so I’m excited to try it! American Cream is another Lush fave that I haven’t yet tried! I tried another of their products, Veganese and found it a bit too light for me I prefer a heavier conditioner as I have long, thick, wavy hair. Therefore American Cream seems the more obvious choice to me, not only because the smell is super yummy as it’s a bit more heavy-duty!

LUSH haul (21)

Some completely necessary purchases have gots to be a bath bomb! Pictured above left to right is: Twilight, Dragon’s Egg and Intergalactic.They are all new inventions with very interesting results as Dragon’s Egg contains popping candy! And Twilight and Intergalactic are supposed to look like the night sky once dissolved in your bath water!

LUSH haul (7)

LUSH haul (13)

A slightly different purchase from what you’d expect from Lush is their own invention of a solid version of toothpaste! This means less preservatives, eco-friendly packaging and a bit more fun – basically what Lush is all about! As a newbie to toothy tabs, I went for Dirty as it is mainly spearmint flavour so I didn’t want to stray too far from my usual Colgate/Aquafresh and run scared. I’m hoping once I’m used to them they’ll be a permanent bathroom staple as they are so much easier to take for overnight stays, travelling, hand luggage etc.

I also picked up a yummy-citrussy Miranda soap and a sample of Imperialis face moisturiser as I’ve been meaning to use a proper one for a while and my advice to you dear readers is not to be shy to ask for samples! The worst that can happen is they say no and then you can leave the shop and never look back! Although this definitely wouldn’t happen at Lush! Especially products you’ll be spending a lot of money on and using everyday on your skin you want to make sure it’s the right one for you, so demonstrations and samples to try yourself at home are they best way to discover this!

As many of these products will be the first time I try them, I may do some future blog posts on how I’m finding them and whether they suit me, so let me know if that’s something you’d like to see! And tell me your favourite Lush product – old or new! I love discovering new products and always love to nosey at how other people might use them :)

Anyway, think a Sunday pamper session is in order now! Hope you enjoyed this post. Love, Helen x


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Indoor Plant Collection


I’m a big fan of the natural world, which shows in many aspects of my life. (Hello herbal medicine degree and vegetarian diet!) Therefore, I’m a strong believer in having them all over the house! As I’ve moved back home with my Mum, the only complete control of decor I have is my bedroom which at Uni, I enthusiastically decked out my windowsill as a mini garden (see so I had to bring them back with me plus a few extra additons! I quickly learnt that greenery, rather than flowers are much easier to care for as they require less water and attention! As well as, in my opinion look much simpler and cleaner than lots of crazy flowers going on, in particular succulents are no. 1 choice and craze atm for interior plant decor which I am all for!

I’ve recently completely redone my bedroom which I’m planning on dong a proper blog post on but for now here are a few teasers of how I chose to decorate with plants!


In my window, I picked up two beautiful hanging plants from my local garden centre for that perfect sophisticated, yet bohemian look I’m going for! The plant pictured above is a ‘string of pearls’ plant named so because it has tiny, pea-like beads which grow down rather than out and mine have even started flowering!


The plant hanging to the left of my window is a common ivy which I’ve hung from the curtain pole with a simple macrame plant hanger I made from garden twine!


Now my bookcase is one of my main events for the plant displays! I wanted to create a ‘shelfie’ to be proud of a la Kate from and the many, many Pinterest posts I’d seen! So as I had mant succulents in pretty containers I decided to use them as features of displays as well as functional bookends and I’m quite proud of the end result!


This vintage teacup and saucer works wonderfully as an unusual plant pot!

This vintage teacup and saucer works wonderfully as an unusual plant pot!


And finally! Tucked away in the opposite corner of the room I had a spare homemade twine plant hanger (I got a bit carried away once I realised how easy they are to make!) and with my Aloe vera plant homeless, I decided to nail and picture hook onto the picture rail and hang it up! It really spruces up that side of the room and continues my ’50 shades of green’ (just kidding) bedroom colour scheme I have going on!


Above all if you’re a beginner indoor plant owner, I would recommend Aloe vera and cacti, the former for it’s medicinal use! So handy if you burn yourself on hot water/oven tray around the house just snip a bit off and squeeze the pulpy, sticky bit onto the burn! But mostly because they require little attention they actually prefer being somewhat neglected by being away from direct sunlight and only require watering every few weeks! Easy!

Thank you for reading, I hope enjoy plants as much as I do! And if my bedroom decor skills have caught your eye I’ll be uploading before and after photos of the whole project once there’s a few finshing touches I’ve added! (and a clean haha)

Love, Helen x


Autumnal Cooking

Turning of the seasons is always a welcome change, but I do find myself getting rather giddy and extra excited when September comes around, as it brings with it Autumn! The best season of all! Give me bonfires, scarves, woolly jumpers and pumpkin-flavoured everything anytime! Don’t get me wrong I’m sad to see the back of Summer but the cosiness and colour scheme of Autumn makes me feel all fuzzy inside. This feeling is given an extra nudge with the help of these yummy, belly-warming recipes!


All about the rust, burgundy and mustard tones in Autumn! #cosysocks4lyf

Of course the main theme of Autumn has to be pumpkins or its little sister – the butternut squash! I love the vibrant colours included in these recipes that match the falling leaves outside and they are perfect excuse to snuggle up with under a blanket watching an episode of The Walking Dead!

1). ‘Country Vegetable Pies’

(Disclaimer: I am not a chef or an expert at cooking nor do I claim to be. I have used this recipe from a cookbook which is why I am not stating the exact recipe here, it is just for inspirational purposes only.)

The most rustic and homemade looking pies you could imagine! What I love about these pies is they don’t have to be perfect! Super easy to source the ingredients and throw the whole thing together. The filling contains: broccoli, cauliflower, grated carrot, grated courgette, chopped red onion and pre-boiled butternut squash and new potatoes. Which are then all bound together with an egg, ricotta cheese, cheddar and parmesan cheese.

IMG_0739 IMG_0740

The pastry is then split into 4 blobs and rolled into rough circle (ish!) shapes and into a tin (I used a yorkshire pudding tin but depending how big you want the pies to be any size will do). Also as these pies are ‘freeform’ (is that the right term, Paul Hollywood?!) the traditional walled pie dish isn’t really necessary! The mixture is then generously spooned into each circle and then the pastry is folded up around the filling like a paper bag, ready to be baked until golden brown.

IMG_0741 IMG_0742 IMG_0748

2). Honey-roasted Butternut Squash, Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup

Soup is the ultimate comfort food! Perfect for those grey, rainy days with a big hunk of thickly, buttered crusty bread! I’ve been winging soup recipes for years and found soups made with winter root vegetables are so much richer and tastier when roasted with a generous glug of olive oil and honey for 30-40 minutes before adding to the pot with the fried onions and garlic along with at least a pint/600 ml of hot vegetable stock.

IMG_0743 IMG_0745 IMG_0746 As the vegetables have already been cooked in the oven, the whole pot just needs to simmer with the stock for about 10 minutes until it’s all the same temperature then it can be blended. I usually use a hand blender because it’s less faffing and washing-up and I happen to like a few chunks in my soup but I’d recommend bunging it all in a food processor if you want it a bit smoother! This soup is very thick and rich as it is, but natural yoghurt or cream could be added also.

Hope you enjoyed a slightly different post from my old ones, do let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this or if you’ve tried out the recipes for yourself!

With love, Helen x


Resurrection of ‘We Were Like Lions’.

Graduation 15.07.15 (14)I’m back, baby!

Just a quick post updating you that I’m planning on waking this sleeping lion! (Geddit? Lion?!) Having just finished University and like many other 21 year olds across the world, I’m finding myself at a bit of a crossroads. So, I am treating this post-uni period as a sort of graduate gap year in which I’ll hopefully save up a bit of cash and travel to many new, exciting destinations!

Now I’ve moved back home to Lancashire (and have access to my Mum’s camera again!), I thought I’d love to document my passions such as travelling, beauty products, food and interiors and share with any one who fancies reading about it and somewhere along the way maybe I’ll find my feet! So keep your eyes peeled for new blog posts yet to come.

Love, Helen x


blogging: i miss u

Basically I haven’t got a digital camera and I don’t feel my rambling’s would be adequate in filling a whole blog post, I’ve started uni, I’ve been meeting new people and making friends – it’s just hard to keep up y’know?!

I hope you accept my excuse and don’t hate me, WeWereLikeLions because, I still love and I still think about you.




Whew! Anyway, moving on. I filled up another disposable camera, I used the ‘Polaroid’ brand this time but I don’t like it as much as the ‘fujifilm’ soz.

Here are some little delights I took around London, enjoy….

Archway campus i.e my uni (I kinda think it looks like Hogwarts hehe)

Archway campus i.e my uni (I kinda think it looks like Hogwarts hehe)


camden taaan!


Neal’s Yard! I implore any of you if you’re in Covent Garden to find this gem it’s amazing!!!

disposable2 disposable4 disposable5

winter wonderland was beautiful.

winter wonderland was beautiful.


Lots of love, Helen :)


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Burberry Bargain

Heeeey guys, remember me?!

So I haven’t posted anything on this blog in a while and all the news I have is this little burberry beauty I scooped up for only £26 offa’ eBay yay :D and here are a few snippets of me prancing around in it in my back garden haha

Idk how often I’m really going to be able to update this blog tbh as I’m moving to London very soon (ahhhhadjghsajhhvcghc) and the camera I use is my Mum’s really!

Anyway lots of love, Helen xxxx