French Vintage Dress

(wasn’t seriously posing like this btw (; )

attempting to recreate what my dress would look like if I shortened the hem….
My festive nails! <3 every year I whip out this Barry M nail varnish I got as a gift a few years ago around the Christmas season; my ‘Postcards from Paris’ necklace is so adorable, it has this paper insert you can pull out and unfolds to reveal whichever famous sight from Paris you want to be displayed – it’s so charming I love it! (:
Dress – eBay; Hair bow tie – Topshop; Brown belt – New Look; Necklace –

This vintage dress was one of those impulse buys from eBay, I was watching it for ages and in the end I was the only bidder. I am sosososo glad I bought it, it’s beautiful! It feels so silky and the label says it’s from Paris I nearly swooned! haha (: I’m envisaging wearing it with burgundy tights, black beret, brogues and a blazer skipping by the Eiffel Tower, eating croissants – sigh, oh to be french.

My only dilemma is that it’s a rather longer length than I’d normally wear so I’m debating whether to risk shortening the hem to kneelength, but it would be disastrous if this precious item was ruined by my shoddy cutting and sewing machine skills :-S Any advice? :-D



6 thoughts on “French Vintage Dress

  1. I’d probably leave it at tea length. I prefer knee length too, but the dress looks fine on and it adds a touch of distinction to have it the “old-fashion length”. That being said, it likely wouldn’t affect the lines of the dress if you shortened it a few inches. Take care!

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