Brainstorm #1 – Christmas Fashion Inspiration!

So every Wednesday I’m going to share some bursts of inspiration of something… to spark the imagination? I’m not sure yet!

But today I will start off doing a Christmas style themed post :-) After watching the original ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ (the first black and white film I’ve ever sat all the way through I’m ashamed to admit!) I couldn’t help noticing how well-dressed the main characters were;

Miracle on 34the Street (1947) Natalie Wood and Maureen O’Hara

So many delightful collars! & also I can’t forget how fabulous Judy Garland’s outfits are in ‘Meet Me In St. Louis’;

Last but not least, I always find the best influences from reading blogs. I love dressing for Winter, wearing loads of layers and woollies to brace the snow outside, in particular I love velvet and tartan and how it’s always associated with Christmas;

i love that dress! (photo belongs to
I can never fault this girl’s outfits, her style is just wonderful! (photo belongs to

(not my photos, but I’m afraid I’ve forgotten where they’re sourced from :-S)

I hope you enjoyed today’s ‘brainstorm’ :)



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