Little Black Dress

(I wish I had a full length picture of me wearing my new dress but this is the best taken of me)

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all left 2011 with a bang :) I only have a few simple resolutions this year; learn to play my acoustic guitar properly, study hard for my A-levels, cross things off my bucket list and spend less time on the internet. So far one day into the new year I’ve attempted none :-/

So when I go shopping I tend to have items in my mind that I want if  it’s lacking in my wardrobe rather than buying useless items that don’t go with anything I own. I was after the perfect ‘little black dress’ for ages, then I finally found this lovely one in the sale in Oasis with an extra 15% discount because of a loose button loop that I easily stitched back up yay!

Think I may have to get a short-sleeved, more 60s style one now though, I should have several a la Holly Golighty in Breakfast At Tiffany’s :D

Lots of love, Helen xxxx


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