On Collecting Things….

I don’t think I obsessively hoard stuff but I’ve recently realised I have quite a few collections growing! I don’t collect any particularly abnormal things, (although when I was younger I used to collect TY beanie babies and shells) however, my love for buttons seems to never cease but I just don’t know what to do with the odd ones except look at how pretty they are :-S

My Grandma recently gave me a jar full of buttons and a while ago she also gave me a bag full of ribbons and lace which was wonderful – like Christmas come early!

My fave is the little brown tartan bow :) Oh and also say hi to my old cat, Mabel haha

I’m also extending my ring collection, my most recent addition was this trumpet ring made from a 2 pence piece. I got it from an adorable stall in a place called Botany Bay near where I live, it was designed by a woman named Emma who can be found at http://www.etsy.com/shop/Emarmalade

This was her stall in Botany Bay – isn’t it cute? I wanted to buy everything!
(There’s probably only half of my rings on that cat’s tail ;))

Does anybody else like to collect buttons?! I’d love to hear what you guys collect :) Lots of love, Helen xxxx

p.s When I’m not occasionally posting on this blog I’m constantly updating my Tumblr and if you follow me I’ll follow you back :)

p.p.s If anybody lives in the North West of England you should visit Botany Bay! It’s an old factory converted to a 5-storey shop filled with furniture, vintage clothes, 2nd hand books (really cheap too I got 4 books for 15p each!) Anyway it’s really nice and I love it, I’m not sure how to big it up any more.


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