Hey, I’ve put some new shoes on and suddenly everything’s right

my attempted ‘Alexa Chung’ look erm :-S

I’ve been more adventurous in the setting of my outfit posts – from my bedroom to the living room!

I really love that feeling when you wear new clothes, especially when people notice! (hence the appropriate song lyrics title) I always think of outfits I can wear with my new things which I get really excited about :P I’ve got a few new items this week I thought I’d share; the cream blouse was £3.50 from the charity shop I volunteer at; skirt from Retro Rehab – a really lovely vintage shop in Manchester for £10 and my wedges were £5 from eBay – I’m so excited for Summer to come so I can wear these bad boys!

The woolly black cardigan was £3 or £4 from a charity shop too – I’m admittedly a bit of a cheapskate ;) I think maybe 70% of my wardrobe is second-hand as I sometimes get hand-me-downs from my older cousins/sister/Mum and the rest is probably mainly from sales or TKmaxx. Well, I am a penniless student! (although hopefully I might get a weekend job I’ve seen advertising in a vintage shop in Manchester, if anybody knows how to write a good cover letter I’d appreciate it?) :D

I hope you’ve all had a good week so far, lots of love, Helen xxxx


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