Mermaid Skirt?

I’ve whipped up a new skirt for myself with some spare material I got the other week at a charity shop (for 80p! Ahhh!) I’m actually thinking of changing the style of my blog to a more crafts-based blog…. any advice?

Is it just me who sees an underwater theme in this skirt?!

Shirt – my charity shop (originally Next); Clip-on bow – Christmas decoration from Botany Bay; Earrings – Asda I think (ages ago)

Thinking about it, I actually do a lot more crafty things than just the sewing I reveal on here! I love to bake and I’m planning on making some buttermilk scones for my friend’s birthday party next week and I’m going to cook my Mum’s breakfast on Sunday!

I’ve gone through lots of phases; jewellery making, scrap-booking, card-making, bath bomb-making, candle-making –  I’m pretty fickle! You should see the amount of books I have on various hobbies over the years ;) It may surprise you that I actually want to study herbal medicine at University so the ‘bath bomb-making’ phase actually stuck haha :D

Lots of love, Helen xxxx


10 thoughts on “Mermaid Skirt?

    1. This is too nice! haha thank you :D if you have a sewing machine check out the tutorial and try it – if I can do it with my second hand 40+ year old sewing machine and shears then anyone can :) xxxx

  1. Goodness, you made that..?! It’s lovely!
    – And I don’t think you should stray too far from the fashion scene (you’re truly inspiring) but it would be quite nice to see a mixture of crafty/baking stuff, too! X

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