Dreamy Denim

I can’t get enough of denim, I own a lot of it. But only one pair of jeans thinking about it hmm….

Sooo I scooped up this 90s delight in a charity shop for £4.50 ’cause I’m a sucker for anything collared or denim, I wasn’t too keen on the length however so thought I’d chop away a good few inches and re-hem it and ta-dahh! Here are the results presented with the highest standard of ‘posing attire’ :-S

apparently I’m the tinman from the Wizard of Oz (but this picture shows all the dress really well!)

Lots of love and kisses and peace and happiness to all you heaven-sent (or maybe just crazy ;)) people who actually read my blog! I love and appreciate each one of you :’) (totes emosh) xxxx


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