Indoor Plant Collection


I’m a big fan of the natural world, which shows in many aspects of my life. (Hello herbal medicine degree and vegetarian diet!) Therefore, I’m a strong believer in having them all over the house! As I’ve moved back home with my Mum, the only complete control of decor I have is my bedroom which at Uni, I enthusiastically decked out my windowsill as a mini garden (see so I had to bring them back with me plus a few extra additons! I quickly learnt that greenery, rather than flowers are much easier to care for as they require less water and attention! As well as, in my opinion look much simpler and cleaner than lots of crazy flowers going on, in particular succulents are no. 1 choice and craze atm for interior plant decor which I am all for!

I’ve recently completely redone my bedroom which I’m planning on dong a proper blog post on but for now here are a few teasers of how I chose to decorate with plants!


In my window, I picked up two beautiful hanging plants from my local garden centre for that perfect sophisticated, yet bohemian look I’m going for! The plant pictured above is a ‘string of pearls’ plant named so because it has tiny, pea-like beads which grow down rather than out and mine have even started flowering!


The plant hanging to the left of my window is a common ivy which I’ve hung from the curtain pole with a simple macrame plant hanger I made from garden twine!


Now my bookcase is one of my main events for the plant displays! I wanted to create a ‘shelfie’ to be proud of a la Kate from and the many, many Pinterest posts I’d seen! So as I had mant succulents in pretty containers I decided to use them as features of displays as well as functional bookends and I’m quite proud of the end result!


This vintage teacup and saucer works wonderfully as an unusual plant pot!
This vintage teacup and saucer works wonderfully as an unusual plant pot!


And finally! Tucked away in the opposite corner of the room I had a spare homemade twine plant hanger (I got a bit carried away once I realised how easy they are to make!) and with my Aloe vera plant homeless, I decided to nail and picture hook onto the picture rail and hang it up! It really spruces up that side of the room and continues my ’50 shades of green’ (just kidding) bedroom colour scheme I have going on!


Above all if you’re a beginner indoor plant owner, I would recommend Aloe vera and cacti, the former for it’s medicinal use! So handy if you burn yourself on hot water/oven tray around the house just snip a bit off and squeeze the pulpy, sticky bit onto the burn! But mostly because they require little attention they actually prefer being somewhat neglected by being away from direct sunlight and only require watering every few weeks! Easy!

Thank you for reading, I hope enjoy plants as much as I do! And if my bedroom decor skills have caught your eye I’ll be uploading before and after photos of the whole project once there’s a few finshing touches I’ve added! (and a clean haha)

Love, Helen x


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