An Autumn OOTD

Autumn OOTD (3)

Those inbetween times of year when it’s no longer boiling hot but not yet freezing temperatures, it’s all about the layers! I love a good checked flannel shirt which looks effortlessly stylish tied around the waist, worn loose like a cardi or completely buttoned up, as well as being very practical for cold in the shade/warm in the sun kinda days – making it a firm Autumn wardrobe staple for me!

Autumn OOTD (7)Autumn OOTD (8) Autumn OOTD (6) Autumn OOTD (5)

This t-shirt is a lil birthday present to myself when I stumbled upon the most fabulous Ebay shop called Lost Cove Apparel. If you’re a fan of a witty t-shirt or a make-up bag with a punchy slogan this shop will be just as exciting for you upon discovering as it was for me!

Also I added a subtle nod to the Halloween festivities, through my lips and nails! For my lips, I did a black lipstick underneath a lighter plum-coloured lipstick as I feel the plum is a bit too bright on its own and wanted to darken it up a bit. For my Halloween nails, I used a matte black underneath using a normal black nail varnish with a clear matte coat on top, I then dripped blobs of a dark red nail varnish onto the tips of the nails and dragged the blobs down creating dripping ‘blood’ effect!

Autumn OOTD (2)

Shoes – Topshop via a charity shop (they were brand new!)

Shorts – Urban Outfitters

T-shirt – Lost Cove Apparel

Checked shirt – Dresslink

Ring – New Look


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