Disposables #3

Every Summer for the last few years (I’ve done similar posts in the past; see here and here), I like to have a disposable camera to document various events/holidays/day trips etc. I find even though it is quite expensive and doesn’t always yield perfect results, I love discovering how the pictures turn out and I love looking back over the Summer when I get them developed at the end and remember what nice things have happened as I’ve usually completely forgotten what I’ve taken pictures of which is half the excitement! It’s like a mini time capsule!

sky garden 2sky garden 1

This time round I started the camera around June and finished on Halloween! The pictures above were taken at the Sky Garden on Fenchurch St, London. As its name suggests it is a tropical garden in the sky! Located at the top of a skyscraper in central London, you take a direct lift to the 30-somethingth floor leading you to an open garden, cafe and a balcony overseeing central London – all for free! You have to book tickets in advance to ensure a place but I’d looked into going to the top of the Gherkin which costs £30+ then heard about this which is directly opposite the Gherkin, therefore it has the same views for a lot less toll on your purse-strings! It was unfortunately quite a cloudy day despite being the middle of Summer but impressive all the same – I’d highly recommend if you live in London or are planning a visit there soon!

St Anne's

Taken at St Ann’s-Cleveleys beach.

Edinburgh part I

Edinburgh part I (2)

A trip to Edinburgh for a few days had to include climbing Arthur’s Seat! If you’ve read the book ‘One Day’ I’m not sure how they clambered to the top in their graduation gear but a fairly easy walk and worth it for the peak views! (Although it did rain when we got to the top – typical!)

Malham Cove

At the top of Malham Cove.

My Birthday 2

My Birthday 1

Sporting new treats on my Birthday in Hebden Bridge and pretty Autumnal displays catching my eye. (Hat – New Look, similar here, T-shirt – Lost Cove Apparel from here, Watch – Rich Gone Broke from here)

Windsor 2Windsor 1Visit to Windsor whilst staying with my friend in Reading.

Halloween (7) Halloween (10)Halloween 5 Halloween 4

Finally, Halloween fun carving pumpkins (mine’s the witch!), baking pumpkin cakes, dressing up as Darla from Finding Nemo and I’m on the right as a zombie version of Cher from Cluess (ugh as if!) and my sister’s kitten even joined in the costume spirit!

I really like the whole process of disposable cameras especially in this day and age of HD digital cameras in our pockets and photoshop everywhere – let me know what you think in the comments!

Love, Helen x


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