Winter Beauty Products

The downsides of braving the cruel, cold outside world (aside the obvious) is the havoc it creates on your skin and hair! I usually notice as soon as there’s a dip in the temperature my lips and hands start to feel a lot dryer and may crack. Therefore, I always keep a mini hand cream and lip balm both in my handbag and beside my bed so it’s always close at hand whether I’m out and about or all snuggled up in bed and then think about how dry my hands or lips are!


In my handbag I always keep; mini L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream and Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm



On my bedside cabinet to remind me to apply before I go to sleep! I keep; Cath Kidston Rose Hand Cream and Burt’s Bees Mint Lip Balm

I’d recommend changing your moisturiser at some point during Autumn as most people require a heavier face cream or simply one geared towards dry/sensitive skin moreso than they would in Summer, this can also apply to cleansers and face masks too! This especially is required for myself as I categorise my skin as combination; can be quite dry on the cheeks but can have quite the oil slick on my nose, with a few blemishes cropping up (c’mon I’m not even a teenager anymore!). Therefore, Summer skin for me is towards the oily side and in Winter more dry – nightmare!


From left going clockwise: Lush Eau Roma Toner Water, Nivea Sensitive Day Cream, Neal’s Yard Calendula Cleanser, Neal’s Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm

I like to cleanse using the ‘hot cloth’ method at the end of the day by applying a blob of the cream/balm directly onto my dry face and massaging it in then washing off with a muslin cloth – it removes all make-up and leaves skin feeling so clean and soft! I switch between these two cleansers from Neal’s Yard Remedies, leaning towards the ‘Wild Rose Beauty Balm’ when my skin feels particularly drier, and works so well directly applied onto chapped skin such as around the nostrils from constantly blowing your nose (just me with the never-ending Winter sniffles?!).

Recently I’ve discovered what I’ve found beneficial for my skin is less is more, using products containing simple and natural ingredients. ‘Eau Roma’ toner water is made from simply two ingredients; half and half lavender and rose water. The latter of which is particularly beneficial in colder weather as it calms and adds moisture to red, irritated skin preparing skin to better take in the moisturiser also.

After cleansing and toning, it’s so important to moisturise! Also even in Winter to choose one with SPF included, even though there’s not as much sun around, UV rays still penetrate clouds and its those UVB rays that do more damage to the skin that you can’t always see.

Face masks are good all day erry day (well 1-2 times a week) in my eyes, but this time of the year I reach for more brightening and moisturising treatments. ‘Sacred Truth’ ticks all the boxes, it contains ginseng, gingko, wheatgrass, papaya and honey and has a lovely fresh, natural scent kind of like a green smoothie and to me felt really warming and softening on my face, leaving refreshed and smooth skin.


From top left going clockwise: ‘The Sacred Truth‘ fresh face mask, ‘American Cream‘ hair conditioner and ‘Jason and The Argan Oil‘ solid shampoo bar and a round tin to keep it in, all from Lush.

All that in and out from freezing cold temperatures to central heating on full blast creates havoc on hair as well as skin, causing more split ends and frizziness. I’ve recently started using ‘Jason and the Argan Oil’ solid shampoo bar from Lush as I wanted a bit of extra moisture and shine and it smells divine! Not a classic rose smell it has the same scent as ‘Rose Jam’ shower gel which is a richer, sweet rose scent that lasts in your hair. And if you’re a blonde like me, you’ll know how hard it is get a shine on your hair even if it’s perfectly healthy, but I can already start seeing the difference after a few washes with ‘Jason and the Argan Oil’!

Additionally it complements wonderfully with ‘American Cream’ hair conditioner also from Lush, which I cannot praise enough. I first tried ‘Veganese’ and found it was too light for me and I needed to use loads at a time to feel I’d even put anything conditioning on my hair! Having now tried ‘American Cream’ I’m hooked and have gone for the biggest bottle available! It is a lot more heavyweight, therefore only a tablespoon size is needed for me and feels so much more nourishing and less tangled without leaving hair greasy or weighed down, has a gorgeous smell of strawberries and vanilla that lasts in your hair even once it’s dried.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, let me know if you’re a fan of any of the products I use or if I’ve sparked an interest in you wanting to give them a go! Also keep your eyes peeled for a super expertise guide on how to survive this Winter and even more Lush products coming soon!

Love, Helen x


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