4 Simple Steps to Hibernating…

Get that fire lit! Get the blanket and slippers out! Put the kettle on! Turn off the big lights and leave scented candles flickering away so the atmosphere is super cosy, snuggly and adorable! Grab a cuddle buddy be it friend/partner/animal and steal their body heat! We will survive Winter!


Me loving the indoor life! (Onesie from Next)

1). Stay put. What better excuse than the cold, damp weather outside to throw on your fave jim-jams and settle down with a good book or catch up on your latest boxset! As a more of a not-left-the-sofa-in-4-days-binge-watching sorta gal myself (whatta catch), a few of my favourites include:

  • The Walking Dead (post-apocalyptic drama with beautiful people killing zombies hell yes)
  • Once Upon A Time (fairytale characters living in our world unknowing of their true identities. Bonus: all 5 series are on Netflix UK!)
  • New Girl (goofy, harmless fun notwithstanding my love for Zooey Deschanel – prepare to ship hard!)
  • Lost (group of people are in a plane crash and land on a deserted island; I know old news, but I recently rewatched it from start to finish and it’s so intelligent and symbolic and the most gripping TV series I’ve ever come across)
  • Pushing Daisies (got cancelled after 2 series aaages ago but SO good and worth watching; adorable story about a man who can bring dead people back to life!)
  • Misfits (also quite an oldie but fab all the same, group of teens carrying out community service get caught in a storm which changes their lives thereafter)

I’ve also recently started watching Scream Queens which I’m loving; who doesn’t love a classic whodunnit?! Let me know if you have any recommendations for me, as I’m always open to starting new shows (I don’t really have a life lol)!



Also a fab excuse to try out various hot drinks, I love drinking tea all year round and hot chocolate/mulled anything particularly now it’s colder. Pictured above I’m trying out a ‘Spiced Orange Mocha’ drink from Nescafe which I like a lot!

2). I’m all about the comfort food! I love baking and cooking up simple meals, such as a thick vegetable soup and a big chunk of fresh bread or good ole mac ‘n’ cheese! It’s the perfect time of year to scour Pinterest for new baking recipes and ideas, as the heat from the oven will warm you up and then you get to eat delicious treats since noone’s worrying about ‘that perfect beach bod’ or whatever anymore – hurray!



3). When you do have to eventually venture outside (ugh), I’m such a wimp and layer up with the woolliest hats, scarf, gloves, jumpers, socks. There’s usually an extra pair of tights under my clothes regardless of what I’m wearing too – it’s not worth the risk of getting chilly!


Christening the first snow of the year! (Scarf – Ebay, Hat – Topshop, Mittens – Primark, Coat – Asda)

4). Don’t forget to take time to treat yo’self, no better way than to warm the cockles with a long, candlelit, hot bath. Now as you may have guessed already from my blog I’m quite the Lushie, but to be fair, when it comes to baths they know what they’re doing! I like to do a combo of a bubble bar with a bath melt, picking ones with scents that compliment one another e.g. Brightside and You’ve Been Mangoed for a citrussy pick-me-up. Then you achieve the true bubble bath that’s oh so instagrammable, and by adding a bath melt you get a whole body moisturising session in with no effort whatsoever!

Here I’ve used ‘Bar Humbug‘ bubble bar and ‘Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment,’ for a sweet Ribena-like bathing experience, I then light a few candles, set up my laptop on a chair for optimum viewing position and relaaaax.

Lushmas - Bar Humbug (9)

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Let me know what you do to enjoy the colder months in the comments below!

Love, Helen x


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