We Wish You A Merry ‘Lush’mas! (Reviews & Demos)

lushmas continued (1)

It’s another Lush haul! I can’t help myself! Especially as there are so many tempting, lovely new festive editions this year. Now first things first, I have a confession and I may have rotten tomatoes thrown in the street at me for admitting this…. but I am not a Snow Fairy fan! I like it in little doses but being doused in a pink candyfloss cloud ain’t really my thing – I’m more of a traditional Christmas gal with candy canes, cinnamon and gingerbread scents being my scene! So now that’s off my chest continue onwards for you to see what’s in my haul and what I think of them! (Disclaimer: all opinions are completely my own!)

lushmas continued (4) Burning ‘Cinnamon and Maple’ candle from Primark which smells uh-mazing

Snow Angel bath melt

Snow Angel got a bit bashed bless her! But still works just as well…………..

lushmas snow angel (3)lushmas snow angel (7)

‘Snow Angel’ has a lovely, gentle marzipan scent that’s the same as ‘Snowcake.’ And I have to say it actually wasn’t what I expected, I thought I’d emerge from the bath covered in gold glitter and as greasy as a chip pan which was not the case! I’d describe it as a hybrid between a bath bomb and a bath melt, as it gently fizzes away but isn’t as oil-heavy as the luxury bath melts.

Some bath bombs and particularly bubble bars often leave my skin feeling slightly parched after bathing, and although Snow Angel didn’t feel like I’d moisturised, it left my skin feeling kinda soft but basically the same with an added subtle shimmer. So it didn’t further dry out my skin as often happens when bathing but I personally found it didn’t particularly add any moisture to my body either!

Lushmas (2)

Salt and Peppermint Bark shower body scrub

Christingle body conditioner

Now I know a lot of you will be thinking you’re rubbing mint flavoured products on your body? In Winter?! Because to be honest when I first saw these that’s what I thought, but I do love the smell of candy canes and I’m always drinking peppermint tea so why not?! They combine together wonderfully as you’d imagine and really wake you up on a cold, dreary morning! The ‘Salt and Peppermint Bark’ is quite scrubby, obviously it depends on the pressure you apply but as its main ingredient is salt, it is somewhat grittier than I’m used to as I usually stick to exfoliators containing ground almonds/aduki beans (e.g. Buffy). However, as my skin isn’t super sensitive it works really well on the back of my arms and legs to really buff the skin super smooth.

Body conditioners may be a new concept to a lot of you, the basic idea is for it to be used like a hair conditioner but for your skin, i.e. apply after you’ve washed, rinse it off and it works as an in-shower moisturiser. As the ultimate lazy girl who rarely can be bothered to moisturise my skin even once a week, this is my dream come true! And it really does leave the skin feeling soft and moisturised after you’ve got out the shower and dried off! ‘Christingle’ is quite an odd sensation as the menthol crystals feel rather cool when you rub into your skin but as you’re under a hot shower you warm right back up and leave feeling very energised, smelling like a candy cane and good to go – what’s a better way to start your day?!

Lushmas (11)

Yog Nog bath bomg

Snowcake soap

Both are Lush Christmas classics as these sweet toffee scents never go out of style! ‘Snowcake’ is a more softer marzipan scent whereas ‘Yog Nog’ smells to me like cinder toffee, almost like burnt sugar not sure why it smells so yummy and Christmassy but it does! Both include added moisturising properties necessary in these colder months, it’s clear to see why they’re such firm favourites…



The cinder toffee scent actually mellows really nicely once in a big bathful of water. I found this was a very slow fizzer and that I had to break it up myself because I got a bit impatient! It has little chunks of bath melt dotted throughout which I think were the element that took ages to dissolve. Therefore not such a dramatic bath bomb if that’s more your thing, although it does turn the bathwater a bright almost neon yellow colour! Overall, I actually really liked it; it made my skin feel lovely and soft, leaving a subtle scent lingering behind, it’s definitely a luxururious, Christmassy treat!

lushmas continued (7)

First Snow dusting powder

(Turns out it’s very hard to capture on camera but in real life I promise it shows up better!)

First Snow dusting powder is a new product to me, I’ve never tried a dusting powder before and didn’t really get them but after trying this lovely citrussy scented one I can see why people like them! Just the perfect finishing touch for baby soft skin with an added festive sparkle! If you don’t want to go all out with the sparkle (rather Edward Cullen-esque!), it looks lovely dusted along the collarbones as an extra accessory to that Christmas party dress!

lushmas continued (15)

Cranberry face mask


This face mask is the perfect little face pick-me-up, leaves skin a lil bit softer, a lil bit brighter which is much welcomed as I’ve lost all hope of a Summer glow (it was never there), so antioxidant and brightening face masks are my next best hope. I found this face mask really easy to apply and has a slight tingle whilst on but nothing major. It contains fresh cranberries, silken tofu, fennel and chicory so has quite an interesting aniseed smell which isn’t terrible! Not my favourite smelling Lush product out there, but I am excited to use it again to refresh this mug after all the cold wind blustering out there!

Santa’s lip scrub

Santa Baby lip tint

Apply ‘Santa’ lip scrub by taking a pinch and rubbing it all over your lips to buff away the dry, flaky bits – you can then wipe or lick it off (the latter of which is much more fun as it is cherry cola flavoured!).

I’ve always been a fan of the Lush lip scrubs and find they provide that extra boost needed for lovely smooth lips, especially before applying lipstick. I was very keen to try this Christmassy version as it contains cinnamon, so it gives lips a little extra stimulation adding natural plumpness! (Hello Kylie Jenner ;))

lushmas continued (11)

After using a lip scrub, apply lipbalm of your choice to lock in the smoothness and moisture! I’m using ‘Santa Baby,’ a tinted lipbalm which I am pleasantly surprised with as its colour is very pigmented, which I wasn’t expecting from a lipbalm product. It’s a perfect cherry red, matte colour that stays put all day and doesn’t dry out your lips! My only flaw with this product is its shape, I’d recommend applying from one side only it wear it down or cutting to create that classic pointed shape lipstick usually arrives in – makes it so much easier to apply as it’s quite hard to get a smudge off your face once it’s on there!

Ready for those mistletoe kisses!

Let me know which ones are your favourites and if any are on your Christmas list this year! I’m eyeing up more goodies still I’m thinking of picking up a ‘Cinders’ bath bomb, Rose Jam shower gel as the rosy smell is really growing on me and another ‘Magic of Christmas’ bubble wand, as it smells so cinnamon-y and delicious but I was too eager to wait for it to be in this haul before using!

Love, Helen x


5 thoughts on “We Wish You A Merry ‘Lush’mas! (Reviews & Demos)

  1. I love love all your picks so much! The pictures are amazing too .. nothing better than a Lush Haul and review. I recently tried Yog Nog and LOVED IT SO MUCH.. My skin has never felt so soft after a bath! I also want to purchase the Peppermint scrub.. I could not stop smelling it in store!

  2. I’ve read a couple of your posts on Lush and also your one on the cosy bathroom/bathroom makeover, I keep my bubble bars in jars too! I was forever forgetting I had some chucked away in a draw.

    Your bath looks almost identical to mine too, I got a little confused for a few seconds! I never thought I’d find my baths twin, the thought actually never entered my brain but there it is XD

    Have a great weekend! the rate this year is going we’ll be able to buy from the 2016 Winter line very soon!

    1. They’re too pretty to not have out on display!! Hahahah my identical bath twin! ‘This bath is your bath, no wait it’s my bath…’ 😅 (Sorry self-confessed friends addict!) I know it will soon be here I’m well excited, fingers crossed for shoot for the starts! 😍 x

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