Christmas Candy Cane Treats

I like to use candy canes to tie onto presents as decoration and a lil extra gift, but I’ve seen a lot of Christmas baked goodies involving peppermint candy canes (on Pinterest obvs) and thought I’d buy a few extras so I can make them! These two recipes I’ve shared are just a bare minimum of the many, many I’ve pinned!

candy cane treats (2)

White chocolate chip and candy cane cookies! I mean just yes. What’s not to love?! I used this recipe, adding a pack of 100 g of white chocolate chips as the comments suggest, along with the crushed candy canes (I broke up around 5 by placing them in a sandwich bag and whacking them with a rolling pin!). I didn’t add any extra peppermint extract because I couldn’t find it in the local co-op tbh, but they taste super good and minty anyway even with less of a peppermint kick!

candy cane treats (3)

candy cane treats (6)

Adding in the sweet, Christmassy goodness…!

candy cane treats (11)candy cane treats (19)

The final result! I was worried that they might be a bit crunchy, stick-your-teeth-together kinda structure, but the candy cane bits sort of melted and exploded once baked, to a wonderfully chewy texture that combines uh-mazingly with the melt in your mouth goodness from the rest of the white chocolate cookie aspect.

candy cane treats (20)

As I had candy canes left over and haven’t got enough of a sugar rush from the cookies(!), I’d also found this candy cane heart lollipop recipe on Pinterest. Buuuut, as I didn’t have any lollipop sticks lying around at home and didn’t fancy venturing out to the shops (it’s been very cold, windy and rainy here okay!) I decided to amiss this addition.

candy cane treats (9)

It’s also suggested to use miniature sized candy canes or trim regular ones down but I found they were okay full-sized so left them be! You then melt white chocolate (really good quality dark chocolate would be a lovely substitute too), let it cool down completely, or else it leaks out from the candy cane heart shape! Then, they can be added with festive sprinkles as you wish, I’ve been waiting ages to finally use these ones, they’re so cute!

candy cane treats (23)candy cane treats (12)

candy cane treats (15)

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and let me know if you try either of these recipes yourself! I highly recommend them, especially cookies which I brought a few leftovers into work and got many compliments on – winner, winner!

I’m sure I’ll be whipping up plenty more Christmassy treats throughout December using candy canes, as they’re just one of my favourite smell/taste of the festive season!

Love, Helen x


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