Cheap and Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

Having been a student basically most of my life, both whilst living at home and away at University, I always wanted to spread a bit of Christmas joy either in my own bedroom or my student flat. However, decking the halls splashing out on Christmas trees, baubles and the works is not always the most purse-friendly solution, especially with all the presents to buy and wrap!

Therefore, as I’ve always enjoyed making my own things I’ve come up with a few ideas that are great for students, Christmas craft activities with your children or just if you want some extra Christmas decoration without all the extra cost!

Traditional Christmas Wreath


First of all go outside! To your garden, local park/woods anywhere where you can forage lots of greenery! Best to choose evergreen, traditional Christmassy plants to snip off, in my garden I found a conifer shrub and some holly which I laid flat onto some old newspaper in front of the fire to dry off excess moisture. Any evergreen, pine/fir tree will work, holly, ivy, pinecones maybe even bunches of mistletoe or red berries?!


Then, using this old wire wreath base I found lying around, which can be picked up at supermarkets/garden centres either plain or I’ve seen ones with a green moss to bulk it up a bit. As mine is plain wire, I simply took small bits of the conifer trimmings and pointed them all in a similar direction creating a spiral shape, and secured it by wrapping thin jewellers wire around both the twig and the wire base and tying it together.


I then added the bits of holly using the same method and added some fake poinsettias (I found lying around also!), and added a big bow using some Christmassy ribbon.


Then attach onto your front door by tying on some string and let it bring a smile to your face whenever you come home!

Paper Snowflakes

Now I know this isn’t a new homemade, cheap decoration idea to anybody but a couple of years ago I decided to look up how I can create more grown-up paper snowflakes that actually resemble real snowflakes!

The first secret I’ll give away is you want to fold the paper in a way that will create a 6-point star shape (rather than 4), so using images I’ve found on google I’ll put here to make this a bit clearer…

Even just adding this extra step and cutting random shapes makes a huge difference as the basic shape will always be a 6 point star. However, if you’re like me and want to go the extra mile, follow these examples (found on Pinterest!)….

DIY Paper Schemes of Snowflakes DIY Projects /


Following some of these examples above, I created my own and I’m so impressed with how they turned out!


I then tied on some invisible thread by looping it through one of gaps and cellotaped it to a shelf above my bed, obviously you can tie whatever string or ribbon you fancy and hang them anywhere in the house or sticking them as they are onto windows is always a classic and lovely look.


Window Winter Woodland Scene

A super simple, yet effective idea is to cut out a forest scene from paper. I folded rectangles of white paper in half (lengthways) and drew on half a Christmas tree and cut it out, then as you unfold you have a perfect, symmetrical tree shape! I did 2 of each size (small, medium and large) to create my woodland scene and also cut out some stars for the top of the window. Then stick it to the window using a small piece of blu-tack for each shape!


And there you have my three super cheap and easy Christmas decorations you can make yourself! Let me know if you’ll try any of these ideas out for yourself in the comments :)

Love, Helen x


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