My Highlights Of 2015: Picture Round-Up

(Pictures are all my own and can be found on my Instagram)
  1. January – Cosy days in discovering my mindfulness by filling in colouring books for grown-ups (although not really they kinda stress me out because how OCD I get about wanting them neat and perfect!)
  2. February – Basking in Camden Winter sunshine whilst I can (the year I graduated and moved away from London!)
  3. March – Making a lil windowsill garden in my flat
  4. April – Can’t get enough of beautiful Spring blossoms especially when right outside my bedroom window!
  5. May – An amazing day spent visiting the Lady Dinah’s Cat Cafe in East London I played with cats whilst ate tea and cake – life doesn’t get much better than that!
  6. June – Family fun day spent at the beach playing games and eating fish and chips
  7. July – New little arrival in the family! Gus the kitten!
  8. August – Painting mugs in Edinburgh at the Fringe Festival
  9. September – Lots of Lush freebies after my training for my new job there
  10. October – Carving Halloween pumpkins of course! (mine’s the witch on the far left!)
  11. November – Appreciating crisp Autumnal days walking in the countryside
  12. December – Gobbling up yummy food at the Manchester Christmas markets (Nutella Belgian waffles getinmabelleh!)

Of course I’ve missed out many more wonderful memories but thought I’d keep it short and sweet! Here’s to another fabulous year to come in 2016!

Love, Helen x


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