2016 Goals


I know, I know, not another New Year’s resolution blog post! But I have a few ideas (albeit they are pretty cliche lol sorry) that I’m fairly certain I can stick to this year and thought I’d share!

  1. Travel more! As I’m on a somewhat ‘gap year’ I’m in a good position where I pretty much have zero commitments or responsibilities! Yay! Therefore travelling is on pretty much everyone’s bucket list and I’ve always wanted to visit Asia, and last November I went ahead and booked a month of touring around Thailand, which I’m leaving for in about 2 weeks! (Scary!)
  2. Blog more! (The camera pictured isn’t the one I’ll be using unfortunately!) Having only recently got back in to blogging I’ve realised I actually really enjoy it as a little private hobby of mine, I love taking beautiful pictures, exploring and writing so hopefully in 2016 I can keep this up! Especially as I’ll have so many wonderful photo opportunities in Thailand!
  3. Treat yo self! But not in a Tom Haverford & Donna buy loads of expensive shoes and then eat that entire chocolate cake kinda way! I’ve always had an interest in nutrition and a plant-based diet (I’ve been a vegetarian for 7 years!), and I’ve dabbled in veganism in the past, and although I think it’s not for me (a cup of tea is just not the same with soya milk soz). However, I am very interested in the type of food a lot of Vegans eat, such as the ‘super foods’ & ‘raw foods’ and so I want to lead a healther lifestyle, not to lose weight or anything but to be happier and feel better about myself (although still can’t resist the odd bit of chocolate and cheese!).

Plus a few extras, hopefully the year I’ll start independently practising Herbal Medicine after obtaining my degree last July, I may as well put it to use! Moving out into my own home would be a nice one but maybe more realistic for 2017!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any realistic New Year’s resolutions for 2016 :)

Love, Helen x


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