2015 Product Empties & Favourites


Beauty Products //


  1. Rimmel BB Cream 9 in 1. I’m fairly new to BB creams even though I feel like they’ve been around for a while but what a good nifty little product they are! Basically an enhanced tinted moisturiser, various ones are available to mattify, glow or clear up your skin, this one is somewhere inbetween designed to conceal and even out skin tone whilst minimising pores. I don’t like wearing a heavy foundation everyday and find this is the perfect medium to feel like you have a bit of coverage but not too much that your skin can’t breathe and then breaks out y’know?!
  2. Rimmel nail varnishes. I’ve particularly been loving greys, pastels and mattes this past year and Rimmel rarely go wrong in my eyes, their nail varnishes are such good value and quality!
  3. Rimmel ScandalEyes Mascara. (Wow I’m really loving Rimmel haha!) I’m very unfaithful when it comes to mascara brands tbh I tend to get whichever one is on offer at the time I need a new one! Which is how I came across this mascara! It is the biggest brush I’ve ever seen and I don’t know the science of eyelashes but bigger brush means bigger eyelashes?! In this case it does anyway, it adds length, thickness and doesn’t weigh my eyelashes down so actually holds the curl from my eyelash curlers (anybody with naturally un-curly eyelashes feel me?!). Anyway I’m a big fan and will defintiely be repurchasing!
  4. This make-up bag. And the shop it came from too! I’ve bought a couple of their t-shirts (see previous blog post here), super witty and fun taglines across various clothing and bags!

Skincare & Shower //


  1. The Olive Branch shower gel. Now I must admit it took me a while to grow fond of this shower gel because its consistency is quite runny you have to give it a shake before splodging onto the shower buff. But it lathers up so well, needing only a little bit for a whole body wash, smells beautiful like a Mediterranean Summer’s evening and leaves your skin subtly scented and soft too thanks to the olive oil content!
  2. Neal’s Yard Remedies Calendula Cleanser. 2015 was the year I properly started introducing the cleanse and polish method into my skincare routine (bit late on the bandwagon I know!). As soon as I switched from a gel cleanser to a natural creamy one my skin cleared up almost immediately and has pretty much stayed that way, except for the odd hormonal stray, and I think I can pretty much pin it to simply cleansing away all traces of grime and make-up at the end of the day using a creamy cleanser and a hot cloth, followed by toning and moisturising. Also, bonus fun fact: I first bought this Neal’s Yard cleanser last Christmas, repurchased in the Summer and it’s only just running out now – with use nearly everyday it lasts me 6 months!


Food //

  1. Raw Cacao powder. I bought this as I wanted to consume chocolate a bit more guilt-free! It’s a wicked way to have chocolate for breakfast though as I have spoonful in my porridge everyday and as it contains no added sugar it has a very rich chocolate flavour so only a small bit is needed. Also an excellent source of protein, antioxidants and flavonoids and other good stuff, it’s perfect in post-workout smoothies.
  2. Chia seeds. These aren’t exactly ground-breaking discoveries but I really hate breakfast and so I’m forever trying to find new ingredients and recipes that make eating breakfast as quick, tasty and filling as possible! Obviously everyone has heard of these in the bloggersphere but I started added them to porridge and it makes quite a difference in keeping me fuller for longer with added B vitamins so I’m a fan!

Miscellaneous //

JoJo’s back! And she released a ‘tringle’ basically three songs at once and I’ve been loving them! You can listen to them here.

Troye Sivan. Oh my gee I’m addicted he’s got the other wordly music sound that’s makes me nostalgic and sad for a life I’ve never led! Listen to his music here.

Pinterest. I think I got into it about a year ago now, I never really understood it before but now I do – I’m hooked! I find just scrolling through the homepage so calming looking at all the pretty homes and cakes! And then adding them to my own boards dreaming of all the pretty things I could add to my own home and ideas for meals or outfits! You can follow mine here.

Homesense. I don’t know if this a new chain or if I’ve just been walking around with my eyes closed?! I’ve been a fan of T K Maxx for a long time, but more recently I’ve found myself more drawn to the home department rather than the clothes and beauty bits. Then I discovered there is an entire shop dedicated to the home department of T K Maxx! Life made! I could spend hours wandering around it, I love how seasonal they always are, there’s new stock everytime you go in, homey bits that are both classic and trendy that are absolute bargains and value for money! When I actually do own my home (hopefully one day soon please!) I can guarantee I’ll be scouring Homesense every day!

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what some of your fave/new discoveries from 2015 are!

Love, Helen x


2 thoughts on “2015 Product Empties & Favourites

    1. Haha I’m on an everlasting mission to still be able to eat the best tasting (and therefore unhealthiest!) food with it being as good for me as possible! Lasts aaages too so the prie is pretty reasonable! :) xxx

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