Random Lush Bath Bomb Demos

I’ve really accumulated my Lush collection since working there and receiving Christmas pressies, I especially have a lotta lotta bath goodies to get through! Especially Christmassy ones as you’re not really feelin’ it much beyond January! So thought I’d compile them here for you to enjoy and perhaps inspire you to pick up a couple yourself and have that long, luxurious bath you deserve! (& maybe grab a few bargains whilst the Christmas range are on sale in Lush!)


‘The Magic of Christmas’ bubble wand


Some Christmas goodies I got from the ‘It’s Christmas Deer’ gift set! (The Magic of Christmas, Cinders, Snowcake soap and Golden Wonder bath bomb)


‘Cinders’ bath bomb


The magic bubble wands are a fairly new concept to me I’m used to a messy, break it up, crush and bubbles a-plenty! Instead, with wands you just hold under the running water and the vibrant colour and bubbles appear magically, I actually think these make even more bubbles and possibly last longer! The only downside for me is the whole thing gets soggy so I find it quite difficult to store and usually pat it dry in kitchen roll after use and leave it to dry for a couple of days which seems to do the trick! Plus this one is super cute and Christmassy! It’s on a cinnamon stick and has a little bell tied onto it!


These are the perfect combination as they have the exact same cinnamon-y, almond-y, delicious scent that makes you feel warm on the inside as well the outside! Perfect combo for me as the bath bomb is little so isn’t super impressive on its own and I prefer bathing in actual bubbles more often.


It made a lovely orange coloured bathwater and it does remind me of a warm, crackling fire which is what is the idea behind it is, perfetly complementing my (salted caramel flavour I may add) candlelit vibe!



Intergalactic‘ is such a good bath bomb for that truly dramatic bathing experience! It creates such a wonderful scene of swirling galaxies, has a very minty smell like candy canes, that’s quite strong but not enough that it’s overpowering if that makes sense?! I’m a big fan either way!




Next up is ‘Fizzbanger,’ which isn’t a seasonal product but has a very festive cinnamon/apple scent which I LOVE! I’m such a sucker for a spicy, cinnamon scent tbh! bright yellow on the outside, blue in the centre once mingled makes green obviously! Quite a simple yet fun bath bomb!



‘Shoot for the Stars’ is hands-down my favourite bath bomb! It is the same fragrance as the Honey-Bee bath bomb but so much jazzier for the Christmas season! Inspired by Vincent Van-Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ painting, it creates the most beautiful, mesmerising image on the surface of your bath water – truly bath art in its finest! It also left my skin quite soft which is a nice bonus as some bath products leave me feeling drier, I just wish it was available all year round!


bath bomb

bath bomb2bath bomb3

‘Father Christmas’ bath bomb was a pleasant little surprise! Bearing the same scent as Snow Fairy I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it but found in a small dose rather than smelling it in the shower everyday I actually really liked it! It leaves a subtle lingering scent behind on your skin too which is lovely! Also a snazzy bath as even though the bath bomb is red on the outside, as you can see it’s actually a Christmassy-dark green colour in the centre!

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you got any similar ones for Christmas and which were your favourites!

Love, Helen x


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