Packing for Thailand!

Rather an exciting post today that’s a bit different from my usual, as I’m off to Thailand! It’s my first solo trip and the first time I’ll even be travelling outside of Europe! I booked it back in October through Real Gap company, I’ll be out there for 4 weeks with a group of people I’m yet to meet!

I’ll be arriving in Bangkok, then travelling up to Sangkhlaburi where I’ll be getting involved in some community projects and exploring the temples, I’ll then travel to Kanchanaburi where I’ll be visiting the Erawan National Park (!), doing some Thai cooking lessons and more exploring and finally spending my last week on the island of Koh Phangan!

Soo I’m leaving tomorrow! And I’ve left packing rather last minute for me, but as I’ve never been away for this long at a time I’ve struggled trying to pick and choose what I really need to take with me! Especially as I’ve been reading around and heard everything’s so cheap over there, I know I’ll be bound to be wanting to bring an extra suitcase for all the clothes and souvenirs I’ll want to buy!


Some hand luggage essentials


Getting excited for beach days! Ahhhh actual hot weather, sun and sand! Been a while since I’ve even had the opportunity to get a tan!

(Bikini – Forever 21, Flip-flops – George @ Asda, Hat – Charity Shop)


(Jelly sandals – New Look, Grey t-shirt – Lost Cove Apparel, Cream t-shirt – Ark, Checked shorts – My Mum’s! (vintage, so adorable), denim shorts – Gap from a charity shop)

I’ve decided for the clothes I’ll bring, to try and create a mini ‘capsule’ wardrobe in which tops and bottoms can mix and match and are easily interchangeable, which I’m normally really good at! But I’m scared I’ll get there and wish I’d brought something I may need which I can’t get hold of there!


I’ll try and somewhat talk you through this mess of what I’ve narrowed it down to! Starting from top left corner going clockwise:

4 x swimwear

2 x pyjamas

3 x outerwear (1 hoodie, 1 kimono/duster jacket, 1 cotton shirt)

1 x maxi dress

1 knee-length dress

2 x playsuit/jumpsuit

7 x shorts

1 x long trousers

1 x maxi skirt

11 x tops

5 x shoes (1 trainers, 4 sandals)

1 x bumbag

1 x belt

1 x scarf/sarong

+ underwear, sunglasses, a few necklaces, 2 microfibre towels (1 big, 1 small) and toiletries.

Looking at this think I may whittle down a few tops and shorts and maybe a pair of flip-flops, as I think I’ll get way more use out of casual, comfy clothes that match everything! I’ve even bought packing cubes for the ultimate organisation!

Not sure when I’ll next be updating this blog perhaps when I get back I’ll show off a few photos but I apologise in advance how quiet We Were Like Lions will be for the next few weeks! I’m sure I’ll be updating my instagram fairly often though so feel free to give me a follow there! In the meantime wish me luck and I’ll see you on the other side!

Love, Helen x




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