Gallery Wall Lovin’


If you follow my Pinterest, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of a print and especially a good ole gallery wall! I think it’s such an innovative way to get lots of your fave pics and prints up on display but by using a mixture of frames that don’t necessarily have to match gives it that arty ‘yeah I just randomly threw them up there’ even though it was meticulousy planned out! Especially if you’ve a blank wall that needs a statement piece but you can’t decide which artwork you like best and I like that I can switch up the photos and art if I feel like it (fickle – guilty as charged!).

I bought the main frame with amphersan in the middle from TKMaxx as one piece and it came with pictures already inserted so I left the ‘Enjoy the little things’ and ‘Have a beautiful day’ prints. I then gathered my own photographs, postcards and prints that I liked, found some wooden frames lying around the house and painted them all white so they matched and played around with the arrangement before nailing all the extra frames onto the wall! Accidently went for a bit of a tea theme but I do love tea! (Also I apologise for the awful pictures but I used my Ipad rather than a camera and avoiding the glare from the windows reflecting on the frames was rather tricky!)

Postcard from The Elephant House in Edinburgh (which I gave a watercolour wash to match the green-blue theme)

I found a lot of my prints from Etsy (duh), I usually select UK only sellers as the amount of times I’ve fallen in love with amazing pieces and they’re based somewhere like California and it’s £12 to ship like no thank you. So I’ll link below where I got them from although I can’t guarantee they’re reproduced as it’s often an individual artist’s work, but it’s worth having a mooch around websites such as Etsy, Folksy or even Ebay to find amazing one-off prints that don’t cost a bomb!

A watercolour and hand-sketched teacup piece from by seller Susanne M.Walker


From by seller AbbieImagine
Not on my gallery wall but on another wall in my bedroom is my favourite print also from by seller elsieandnell


What are your favourite ways to display artwork and photographs? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Helen x



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