Peachy Spring Make-Up Look

I love the transition into new seasons, adjusting your wardrobe and make-up accordingly. I find that this time of year I leave behind the deep, rich tones and I am more drawn to lighter, pastel shades.

I’m not a big fan of heavy make-up in the daytime generally anyway, but in warmer weather (it’s got to come to England soon, right?!), I use BB/CC creams for a bit of coverage with a nice light finish, and I like the extra hydration and dewy-ness they add too!

One of my all-time favourite products/look which in my opinion is a classic look that suits everybody is a winged eyeliner with lashings of mascara! I find liquid eyeliner is the easiest to use and I prefer a brush over a felt tip style but the latter is easier for beginners with a bit of practice, it’s so easy to get right (almost) every time!

As I wanted to keep my make-up quite minimal and although I do loooove a statement red lip, for Springtime I love this peachy/rosey lip colour that’s so flattering and easy to wear.

I didn’t fancy wearing any bronzer as I thought this look is more ‘English Rose’ but it would be a fab extra touch! I just brushed a light dusting of blush over the tops of my cheekbones to double up as a subtle highlighter.


Products I used: (from top going clockwise)

1// Bourjois CC Cream in shade ‘light beige’

2// Seventeen high drama liquid eyeliner

3// Seventeen Supreme Shine lipstick in shade ‘Hot Flash’

4// Bourjois little round pot blusher in shade ‘Lilas D’or’

Hope you enjoyed this post and Happy Easter! 🐰🐣🌷🍫

Love, Helen x



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