The Little Things

I did a project a while back which was participating in #100happydays, where you had to take a photo every day and (if you wish) upload it to one of your social media platforms. The idea when you complete it your life is more uplifted because you’ve taken the time to notice the joy in everyday life, however mundane you think it may be. (See their website and a better explanation of the project here!)

I took part around two years ago and completed all 100 days uploading a picture to Instagram every day of what made me happy that day! Now sometimes (most of the time) it was silly things like a cup of tea or a dog I saw on the street (true story) and I mainly pushed to the end because I didn’t want to leave Β it unfinished! So although I don’t think it profoundly changed me as a person tbh I do still find myself taking pictures on my phone throughout the day because it made me smile, and often don’t upload it to a social media mainly because I don’t think anyone else will care! But I’m going to put a few up here of the nicest pictures I’ve gathered, even if it’s only me who looks at it and smiles!

Taking long, colourful, candlelit & karaoke-filled baths (here is Luxury Lush Pud from Lush leftover from Christmas).
Aesthetically pleasing avocado.
Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
Long Easter weekend involving lots of chocolate and cake 😏
My cat. Most of the time. Especially when I find her sunbathing (not when I find a mess where it shouldn’t be 😠 haha).
The colour mustard, especially combined with some faded ripped denim.
Building a shoe rack and reorganising my wardrobe.
Fresh flowers. At least we can pretend it’s Spring indoors!

Looking over these I’m clearly a bit of a homebody at the moment! What are some of the little things that brighten your day?

Love, Helen x


4 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Such a wonderful idea for a post Helen! Colourful baths & flowers are the little things that I adore as well :) Haha I love the avocado one too <3

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