Healthy (ish) Popcorn Recipes!

I may be on my own here, but I’ve found since Easter when I’ve had SO much leftover Easter eggs and chocolate to consume (it’s a hard life) I just can’t stop craving and then proceeding to eat lots of it! So I thought to ease me off the bandwagon, I’d whip up some (slightly winged ngl) snacks that are slightly less guilt-inducing!

First up, popcorn may not seem the healthiest snack when you pictures the caramel-covered type that glues your teeth together, but when you pop your own from the kernels they’re actually really good for you – high in fibre and low in saturated fats making it a nice alternative to crisps etc. I happen to actually own a popcorn popping machine (lol) so I just put the plain kernels in and the machine does all the hard work! (You can do this just as easily in a pan though).

healthy snacksssssssss (18)healthy snacksssssssss (22)

I then split the freshly popped popcorn into two batches as I decided last minute I was gonna do a chocolately one and a more crisp-like snack one as well using the nutritional yeast flakes I found. (If you’re not sure what nutritional yeast is btw it’s like cheesey flavouring powder that’s dairy-free but full of B12 vitamins so is good for vegetarians and vegans who lack this!)

healthy snacksssssssss (27)healthy snacksssssssss (30)

For the chocolate-y one (loosely following this recipe), I melted around 100-150 g dark chocolate (I ate some before okay) in the microwave with 1/2 tsp fine sea salt in 30 second burst stirring after each round, or you can set it over a pan of boiling water if you prefer. I know some people will be cringing at the thought of sweet and salty in the same mouthful but I freakin’ love it!! Who knew it would work so well??! Any dessert containing salted caramel or salted dark chocolate I am there! ~~~drooling~~~

Anyway mix it altogether and spread onto a lined baking tray to set!

healthy snacksssssssss (23)healthy snacksssssssss (32)

For my second batch, I loosely followed this recipe but had to improvise slightly as my popcorn had been air-popped without any oil, so the spice and nutritional yeast mixture wouldn’t stick! I then melted a knob of butter and drizzled it over the plain popcorn then sprinkled on my premixed nutritional yeast, chilli and paprika powder and then it stuck a bit better!

healthy snacksssssssss (38)healthy snacksssssssss (36)

Yummy end results! You end up with rather a lot of popcorn from a little amount of kernels so I will section it off into little tuppawares or sandwich bags ready for handy snacking on the go.

Obviously if you wanna give it a go, flavour your popcorn using whatever you like! Plain old salt if that’s your jam or something a bit different like cinnamon sugar would be uh-mazing! Perfect for a mid-week movie night treat!

Love, Helen x


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