My Top 5 Red Lipsticks

As you may have guessed, I love a red lip! I really enjoy wearing lipsticks in general and feel it really pops the make-up look and can complete an outfit. I like to mix it up throughout the year as the seasons change, but a firm favourite will always be a bold red!


1// My first lipstick up is one I bought from 17 aaages ago (I have a terrible habit of not throwing beauty bits away – I know it’s bad!), so I don’t even think they stock it anymore! This (£4.49) is pretty similar though, and 17 are one of those drugstore brands along with Rimmel and MUA that I LOVE, they do such lovely and affordable products that don’t feel cheap and nasty. This is a really nice daytime look when I don’t want to look too dramatic but still like I’ve made a bit of an effort as it’s quite a deep shade but still fairly close to a natural lip colour, isn’t overly glossy or matte so is just really easy to wear!

2// All praise Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks! First up they smell amazing?! Which is a weird bonus but those luscious lips are right under your nose so you’re the one having to smell it all day! 107 (£5.49) is a firm favourite of mine, possibly my actual fave. That’s right. It’s a really rich berry shade that I love best in Autumn and Winter, although it is very very matte, meaning you have to make sure you apply lipbalm half an hour to an hour before you know you’re putting 107 on, BUT matte lipsticks are also the best because they stay put and barely budge all day.

3// This Make Up Academy in shade 13 lipstick is £1! MUA is just crazy cheap?! I haven’t tried a lot of their products, I’ve a feeling they’re quite hit and miss but I have this colour and another one in nude and I really like both of them, so a thumbs up from me! I like to think of this shade as my ‘Summery Red’ as it’s a more almost orange-coral based red so is a lot lighter and fresher!

4// This Rimmel 001 (£5.49) is your all-rounder suits any tone, no messing around classic Marilyn Monroe red lip. Again it’s a Rimmel Kate one so smells super yummy (idk how to describe it, kind of old-fashioned lipsticks you steal from your Mum’s make-up bag but sweeter like roses?!), but this one isn’t matte and gives a nice healthy look without too much shine.

5// Now I’m not a fan of gloss and prefer the application of a lipstick so was a bit dubious about this Bourjois Velvet lipstick (£8.99) in Hot Pepper but thought I’d give it a whirl and I love it! It glides on like a gloss using the brush it comes with, but then as it dries it turns matte and is basically a lip stain and stays put for hours! It doesn’t look like that bold on my swatch above but it is a really nice bright red.

My secret final option is Lipcote (£3.69), if you’re a lipstick lover it will be your new best friend! It’s a clear liquid that comes in a little bottle with a brush (a bit like nail varnish haha) you paint over your lips once you’ve applied your lipstick and let it dry and it seals in the colour, when combined with lipliner especially it really does work! I find if I’m wearing lipstick all day/night I have to top up the middle of my lips where they’ve faded a bit from drinking/eating but no smears all round your face and the lip line stays tip-top!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and let me know if any of these are your favourites or what yours is? I can never get enough red lipsticks!

Love, Helen x


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