Beachy Peachy Hair

One of the perks of having blonde hair means you can play around with dying it a fun colour! Pastel coloured hair is always a favourite in my eyes, especially when Summer is drawing closer and your Instagram is flooded with Coachella festival pics (me? jealous?!).


I’ve dabbled in a few semi-permanent dyes before including the Bleach London range and have found with my shade of blonde (as true bleached white would obviously take on a colour more), my favourites are pinky and orange colours which take to my hair best and are easily washed out after a week or so. Even though I really liked the ‘Awkward Peach’ shade from Bleach London, I bought these little La Riche Directions pots in shades ‘Flamingo Pink’ and ‘Tangerine’ to mix up my own pastel colour by diluting a teeny amount of each colour in loads of cheap conditioner and throwing it all over dry hair! I got the brightest orange and pink I could find so I could create my own shade of peach and keep my hair topped up everytime I condition it, the Directions dyes are so pigmented these little pots will last me forever! Also even though these a semi-permenant dye, the colour is made from natural vegetable source, so they’re not damaging to your hair and are actually quite nourishing!


This is the end result (my roots are rather bad I know!) and I really like it! It’s a nice subtle shade that’s not too in-your-face, but could be made into a more intense colour if I wanted to by adding more dye when mixing with conditioner. What do you think? Have you ever dyed your hair a funky pastel colour or been tempted to when the festival season rolls around?!

Love, Helen x



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