A Mini Lush Haul


First up, I picked up this gorgeous little gift set (to me, from me!) which has the loveliest bright, colourful exterior and interior! Violet is one of my absolute fave scents in the world, mainly because it reminds me of those little parma violet sweeties I used to get in party bags when I was little which I adored! (Note: I just tried looking this up on the website to insert a link and I think this gift set and both these products are from the Spring range and are no longer being restocked! :( Check out your local store though because they may still have some left in their stocks!)

Ultraviolet Bubble Bar

So ‘Ultraviolet’ is of course up there as one of my top bubble bars as it smells just like parma violets! The big swirly bubble bars Lush do are wonderful, they last me ages and so are such good value for money and always create vibrant coloured bathwater and loads of bubbles!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Soap

The gift set also came with a cute little soap called ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ which has a subtle, light citrus smell and is a gorgeous colour, I’m not the biggest soap fangirl – I’m more about the unnecessary pampering purchases but I’m excited to use this cute lil guy!


(Starting top left going clockwise) Ultraviolet Bubble Bar; Seanik Shampoo Bar & round tin; Blackberry Bath Bomb; Somewhere Over The Rainbow Soap; Lip Service Lip Balm

Had to pick up a few more bits didn’t I!

Seanik Shampoo Bar

I’m a huge fan of shampoo bars like they last soo much longer than the bottles, so handy for travelling with and you’re not adding more plastic bottles to landfills! This one  is supposed to give you that extra volume boost whilst shaping curls and adding softness. I have naturally long, thick, wavy hair but find my actual hairs are quite fine and all the volume is at the ends of my hair where they get frizzy and split-ends so I wanted Seanik to give my scalp a bit of a voluptuous boost!

Blackberry Bath Bomb

If you want a product that smells like a Lush shop, this is it. Bergamot and frankincense are two more of my favourite smells (I have a lot of faves okay!), but seriously it smells so good and is the perfect simple bath bomb for a relaxing bathing experience and I’ve been through quite a few of them! (Also I always love the little surprise message in the centre…!)

Lip Service Lip Balm

I’m one of those people who constantly has to apply lip balm, I don’t know if it’s due to colder weather or not but my lips are always dry! I have to have a lip balm in every handbag and always within reach! Lush lip balms are particularly lovely because it’s all made from pure, natural butters and oils that nourish and heal my lips. I haven’t tried many of the new flavours they’ve recently introduced but I love Lip Service because it’s a really yummy subtle orangey flavour and isn’t too thick or sticky consistency can’t ask for anything better really!

Hope you enjoyed this post! What are some of your favourite Lush products? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to find out as I love and regularly use so many Lush products! I may do some reviews/demo blog post when I’ve properly tried them out at some point in the future so let me know if that’s more of what you’d like to see!

Love, Helen x


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