Tips For A Blissful Bathroom

I’ve been obsessed with bathrooms lately! I’m constantly searching for and repinning dreamy claw-footed bathtubs and perfectly organised shelves with rows of clean white towels ahhh *heart eyes emoji*! (Over at if you’re interested!) Therefore my first tip is to do something similar, google bathroom ideas and save images or use Pinterest to create your own mood board – be as realistic or wild as you like!

If you want that true spa-like feel, you could invest in a really luxurious bath robe and a couple of big fluffy towels. For some cheaper and easily achievable options, read on!


Storage //

I often find with beauty products, if they’re shut away in a cupboard or drawer I forget they exist and never use them! Open displays are a good double-whammy of not only showing off your beautiful and favourite products to use but are also easy access and in full view of not being forgotten! Wire/woven baskets, open shelving or glass jars are the best and prettiest way of storing such items and can pick them up really cheap in places like IKEA, TKMaxx, HomeSense, B&M Bargains etc. Above I’ve broken up an Ultraviolet bubble bar from Lush and placed the pieces in an old glass coffee jar!


Extendable bath rack from Dunelm Mill

Greenery //

Bathrooms are a perfect place to keep plants in but are so often overlooked! They really stand out against white tiles and a bit of life to any room tbh! Bonus as well because you never have to think about watering them as they’ll get splashed on and absorb steam regularly from showering and bathing! Tropical greenery that like humid conditions and low light that most bathrooms offer are best, such as a peace lily, fern, orchid, spider pant and ivy. Add them to any shelf, windowsill or caddy like I have pictured.



Candles //

Of course candles have to be included!! Again like with plants I’m all about candles in any room of the house, but in a bathroom I feel like candles add so much more drama and romance. My fave kinds are the simple, odourless church candles you can buy in any supermarket, grab em in lots of different sizes and arrange in mini piles in every corner! Relaxing scents such as lavender or frankincense would work wonderfully too!


Pampering //

Take the time to have an evening to yourself! Lay out your fave pampering products such as a face mask and a bath bomb/salts/oils, grab a glass of wine and some chocolate (you’ve worked really hard so of course deserve it!) and run a hot bath and relaaaax. It’s all about treating yo’ self! (Make Donna and Tom proud!)


Here I’m using some things I picked up from my recent mini Lush haul! (Left to right: Ultraviolet bubble bar, Blackberry bath bomb and Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask)


Top tip! The solid bubble bars from Lush work so much better if you place them in a sieve and then hold it under the running water. No lumps left at the bottom of the bath tub and you get so much more bubbles out of a smaller size chunk so the whole bar lasts a lot longer too! This is one of my all time favourites as it smells like violets and as you can guess changes the bath water a gorgeous pinky-purple shade!


Bubbles done – it’s bath bomb time!


Boom! Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments if you try out any of these tips or if I’ve just inspired you go take a long, candlelit bath at least!

Love, Helen x


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