Spring Favourites


I really enjoy watching Youtuber’s and reading blogger’s monthly favourites, and wanted to try out a post for myself! Not gonna set myself up to failure by doing one once a month though but each season seems appropriate, especially because I find my taste changes with the season from how I dress, do my make-up and switch up my skincare as my skin fluctuates between oily and dry depending on the temperature (so annoying), as well as some random other bits and bobs I’ve been loving lately too thrown in for good measure!


Top left going clockwise: Copper Wire Storage Baskets – B&M Bargains; Herbal Teas – Marks and Spencer’s; Seashell Earrings – Ebay, Highlighter Powder – MUA, Mint & Eucalyptus Candle – Homesense; Cup O’ Coffee Face Mask- Lush Cosmetics


Starting with a bit of a random one! But I got big love for tea! Good old builders brew is my number one but often I like to have a hot drink but fancy something healthier, caffeine-free or more refreshing. I’ve really enjoyed sipping this Lemon, Ginger and Ginseng flavour first thing in the morning as a bit of a wake me up fiery kick although it’s actually really yummy and sweet. I’ve tried a lot of herbal teas in my time and ‘detox’ ones often taste minging?! I’m not ever gonna promote those lose weight by drinking tea gimmicks (please don’t fall for them) but they’re really good for you once in a while for settling digestion or when you’ve overdone it on the cocktails! Anyway M&S have a really good range of herbal teas that actually taste nice and are only £1 a box!

Beauty //


Holy moly one of my absolute desert island Lush products! Smells ahhhmazing like chocolatey-coffee goodness, even if you don’t like coffee that much like me, it still smells so delicious! You smear it all over your and it’s quite sticky so stays put but doesn’t set, let it do it’s magic as the caffeine in coffee tightens and wakes up the skin. Then hop in the shower and massage it into your skin, it is quite gritty from the coffee granules so you can control how exfoliating you want it to be then rinse off! It leaves my skin soo smooth and a very surprising benefit for me is it really helps with blemishes, it is recommended for any skin type as it’s perfect for scrubbing and softening dry skin too.


I’ve been really reluctant to try a highlighter for a while, not sure why just wasn’t sure if it was a bit of a gimmick or I’d look a bit too Edward Cullen-esque?! This MUA gold highlighter was only £3 so thought I’d give it a whirl and I love it! I use either a blusher brush or an smaller fluffy concealer brush to focus for smaller areas and sweep over the top of my cheekbones, browbones and my inner eye, it blends in for a subtle shimmer and makes such a difference! I sometimes wear it on a normal day but usually save it when I want a bit of extra glamour and pazzaz, so glad I got the gold toned one for Summer as it goes perfectly with bronzer or a natural tan for that healthy, glowy look. Reckon I might get a more silvery one for Autumn/Winter as I’m a true highlighter convert now…!


‘Cus I basically wanna be a mermaid I’ve been loving these cute lil seashell stud earrings, especially paired with my opalescence studs for that full underwater theme!

Homeware //


Mmmm I’m actually kinda obsessed with mint! It’s one of my favourite scents and flavours in drinks – hello mojito season! Since Christmas I’ve been looking for a mint-scented candle, I thought there had to be a candy cane scented one out there somewhere but I couldn’t find one! Then I was recently browsing the candle section in Homesense and they have loads! This one is Mint and Eucalyptus so it’s lovely and sweet and refreshing to clear the air and ngl my main incentive in picking this one is that the packaging matches my bedroom! Win-win!


Also a nice homeware addition is these copper wire baskets which came in a set of 2, a medium and large size for about £5! I was amazed as I’d been eyeing similar style ones on the H&M home website but found these ones for a lot cheaper. Every blogger and their Aunty loves a bit of copper/rose gold so I’m no exception! Super handy and pretty to store beauty bits in or anything these would look fab on a desk as well to organise stationery and documents!

Television&Music //

Aaaand by television I basically mean Netflix! Just started watching Bate’s Motel and I’m hooked, it’s really intriguing and dramatic storyline that’s not too scary for me (had to stop watching American Horror Story because it would genuinely have given me nightmares!) based on the Hitchcock classic thriller, Psycho. I haven’t actually watched the film but I’d like to do see the links they’ve made between the two that are probably completely going over my head!

I’ve only recently got Spotify so I’ve been exploring some of their playlists, making my wn own and discovering new music through following other people’s playlists! In particular I’ve been luvin ‘FeelGoodFriday’ super cheesy I have no shame, ‘The Great British Breakfast’ also kinda cheesy but some classics especially from circa 2005 ish (i.e. my jam)! Zoella’s made some fabulous playlists also especially bc we’re a similar age there’s some absolute anthems from my generation on her ‘Dance Like Nobody Is Watching’ and ‘Singing Loud In The Car’ playlists! Some new artists that I’ve discovered and now love are DNCE – frontman is Joe Jonas what’s not to love? Really fun, uplifting and somewhat cheeky songs, a few of my personal faves are ‘Jinx’, ‘Toothbrush’ and Cake By The Ocean’. And last but not least, The Last Shadow Puppets are back with some belters! They are the ultimate indie duo made up of best mates Alex Turner (from Arctic Monkeys) and Miles Kane, thought I’d died and gone to heaven when I stumbled upon their music a few years back! Have a wee listen if you fancy, their entire new album ‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect’ is amaaaazing and some of their old ones as well why not?! – ‘Lost Boy,’ ‘Standing Next To Me’ and ‘My Mistakes Were Made For You’.

Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments what you’ve been loving this Spring!

Love, Helen x


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