Summer Beauty Essentials


Top left going clockwise: Lush Cosmetics Smuggler’s Soul facial scrub; Soap & Glory Solar Powder Bronzer; Collection Mattifying primer; Palmer’s Natural Bronze Gradual self-tanner; Fudge Urban Sea Salt spray; Foot Pumice; MUA nail varnishes in shades Apricot Candy and Lavender; Primark Canvas bag; New Look sunglasses & Sass and Belle glasses case

// FACE //

My skin changes so much depending on the season as I’m classic ‘combination’ skin whatever that means! (Come on there’s no such thing as normal!) I’m a bit oilier atm and experiencing a few more blemishes in these more Summery months so I wanted to try a mattifying primer. This one from Collection is the first gel primer I’ve tried and wasn’t sure what to expect, the texture is quite unique as you can hardly feel it when rubbing it between your fingers and quickly sinks into the skin leaving it super silky, soft and matte I love it! This primer is also formulated with witchhazel so fingers crossed should reduce thse pesky spots!

I’ve been looking for a good face scrub for a while as sometimes I feel like my face needs a bit of a boost and get rid of some of those built up dead skin cells. I’ve just picked up this Lush one from their Father’s Day range as I tried it in-store and the exfoliating aspect is made from bamboo extract (!!) and so is teeny tiny and not too abrasive, it’s also quite fruity which is ideal for oilier skin and renewing dull skin leaving it silky and soft – I can see this fast becoming a new obsession of mine so I’ll need to stock up before they run out!

Bronzer is ideal for that extra glow, I love this Soap & Glory one as it’s matte so I use it for contouring and brush extra bits over my collarbones, shoulders and face so I look like I have that natural sun-kissed look!

// BODY //

Of course if the sun does show it’s face every once in a while here in Britain I wear suncream with at least 15 SPF, but as it tends not to haha let’s fake it til we make it! I’m a bit scared of full-on fake tan tbh so I looove gradual tanning lotions as they moisturise with an added subtle colour. Palmer’s products also happen to smell amazing all chocolatey and yummy so mask that weird fake tan biscuit smell too!

Summertime means we wanna whip those feet out whether walking along barefoot on the beach or strutting about in sandals! So we wanna think about scrubbing off all the Winter woes of dry, cracked heels, best way to do this is to scrub the hard bits of your feet in the shower with a pumice, then slather with foot lotion once dry and paint your toenails with pretty colours! I love pastels for Summer as they look so good with a tan and add a fun pop of colour.

// HAIR //

I love rocking beachy, wavy hair and I’m always on the look out for salt sprays. Since switching to cruelty-free products I had to find a new one and was so happy to discover Fudge Urban are completely cruelty-free and vegan! Another brand where all their products smell good enough to eat! This smells like vanillary-fudgey goodness, leaves my hair nice and volumised with defined waves and doesn’t leave hair sticky or crispy – result!

Pop it all in your beach bag, throw some sunnies on and let’s enjoy the Summer with our matte face, glowy skin and wavy hair!

Love, Helen x

P.S as I mentioned in the post I’m trying to only buy, use and feature cruelty-free products and brands from now on, but as I am a beginner I may make mistakes so please do let me know if you disagree with a brand or product I’ve mentioned!




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