Rose Gold Make-Up Obsessed

IMG_1046 (Edited)

Picked up a few goodies from Boots and Superdrug the other day, I’m SO happy that Superdrug’s own brands are cruelty-free so I knew I could trust their ‘B’ range. I’m super lazy when it comes to cleaning my make-up brushes and have never tried a cleaner like this but it should be perfect for in-between washes and when I’m using different colours on my eyes for instance, I don’t want all the colours meshing together on one brush!


I Heart Make-Up Blushing Hearts in shade ‘Iced Hearts’

I’m LOVING highlighter and wanted a more silvery, icy one for when I’m not as bronzed up and embracing my “English Rose” pale skin! (any excuse to buy more make-up amiright). I couldn’t resist this one it is so pretty to look at oh my god. A dead-ringer for Too Faced Sweetheart blushers although I’ve never tried them so I don’t know how good of a dupe it actually is, but a heck of a lot cheaper! I found there’s not much difference between the two top highlighter shades, the pink doesn’t really show through, but I really love the bottom rose gold shade it’s a perfect bronzer-blush hybrid for that Greek Goddess look we all aspire to (just me?!).



Collection #YourStyleYourMood Eye Shadow Palette

I’ve been lusting after rose gold themed eye shadows for a while now and I’ve seen the ‘Nude Rose’ palette Collection does but I wanted a more subtle champagne sorta colour rather than like the pink-red hues I kept seeing. Then I was in Boots and came across this number which was on offer from £6 to £4 and the exact rose gold colours I wanted! I do have quite a similar bronze-gold palette separately that’s similar to the left but for that price I don’t care if I never touch the left hand side! (Although I probably will I love me some browns and golds too!)

Had a little play around and created this super cute Summery look using the above colours on my eyes, darker shade of ‘Iced Queen’ blusher/highlighter on the top of my cheekbones and wearing a Lush lipstick in shade ‘Strong.’

Hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading! I’ll be back next week with another beauty/lifestyle/fashion related post!

Love, Helen x

Ps. Outtake – #bloggerproblems when you have a pet and they get pissed off because you’re ignoring them for the flatlay hahaha sorry Luna! 13530348_10202058540702744_766491836_n


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