Explore With Me || Liverpool & Lush Spa

I recently went along to explore the lovely city of Liverpool for the first time so thought it would be a great opportunity to start a new little feature here on my blog!

As an employee of Lush cosmetics I received a complementary invitational first treatment at my nearest Lush Spa which happens to be in Liverpool, I thought I’d seize the opportunity and make a day of it so I brought my sister along too and bought her the same spa treatment I’d chosen (using my staff discount) to give as a belated Birthday present to her.

liverpool (2)

liverpool (3)

We started off by wandering down to the Albert Docks to eat our packed lunch (scrimpers haha) which was only about a 10 minute walk away from where we alighted at Liverpool Lime St Station. I find it so funny that the city is just cut off by water at least you don’t lose your sense of direction too much! I really loved it here, the Tate museums are gorgeous old red brick buildings, and this part of the city had a very post-war 1940s sort of vibe to it thanks to the multi-coloured bunting, traditional carousel and ice-cream truck standing nearby! (and many a pirate ship bizarrely!)

liverpool (1)

liverpool (4)

Our treatments were booked for 3 o’clock but luckily the Lush spa is attached to the Lush shop which is right in the heart of the city on Whitechapel near Liverpool One, so had lots of shopping amenities nearby much to my delight! A little mini Superdrug haul and rummage through Forever 21 is always a success!

As neither of us had ever been to a Lush Spa we weren’t sure what to expect. I’d looked on the website and flicked through the leaflets we have in the shop and decided on ‘The Comforter’ treatment as I wanted us to have a massage but with a bit something extra special, not to mention I adore The Comforter bubble bar so this one sounded perfect. It is described on the website as ’60 minutes of pure imagination, full of candyfloss, bittersweet cacao kisses and dripping chocolate,’ uhhh yes please!

We were swept away from the hectic shop floor up a flight of steps into serenity and peace. I wish I’d taken a proper picture of this area before you enter the treatment room as it was gorgeous! It had rustic wooden shelving with little jars and bottles paced neatly along it – idk it was super cute I can’t do it justice! We were sat down on a long wooden table opposite our lovely therapist for the treatment and given fancy spa water with cucumbers in it and filled out forms to check we didn’t have any allergies/conditions etc. Then we were introduced to what our treatment would entail…

liverpool (7)liverpool (6)

We entered the room where we’d be having the treatment at the same time and I HAD to take pictures it was so nice! Little starry twinkly lights covered the ceiling and it was all glowy and pink like the bubble bar! We got changed and got all snuggly on a heated mattress with a duvet on the top so I felt all cosy and comfy, then rang a bell to let the therapists know they could come in and they placed a warm eye mask over my eyes. Then only exposing a part of your body at a time so you’re not feeling too naked or get too cold, they begin!

The first part of the full body massage was a Hot. Chocolate. Body. Scrub!!! Which smelt ahhhh-mazing!! This went on my chest, arms and legs one-by-one and wiped off with a warm flannel mitt, with intermissions of manipulation over the sheets. I then flipped over and the scrub was applied and rinsed off my back. The second part was a massage using a warm rose serum again all over my body one limb at a time! It was so good I can’t even describe – I felt like a cat! Throughout the scrub and massage, there was bubbles and the music followed a journey from the 60s to modern with lots of recognisable themes ‘Pure Imagination’ and ‘Sugartown’ which made the experience so much more easy-going and uplifting! It was honestly such a divine treatment, I’ve never really had a back massage before let alone a full body massage so was a bit self-conscious, but I felt at ease and so snug under the duvet the whole time.

As we left the treatment room we got a little extra treat of these candyfloss mocktails! Suuuuper sweet but summed up the chocolate-rose massage perfectly! Plus the serum left my skin so soft and glowing and moisturised but not at all greasy like I expected, it left such a beautiful scent too that I couldn’t stop sniffing my arms for the rest of the day!

liverpool (9)

We then had Mexican food at Wahaca to finish off a fab day! I definitely have to go back to Liverpool as I feel like we didn’t have much time to venture out too far from the centre, but I’d love to discover more unique and individual shops and cafes I’m sure the city holds!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Let me know if you’ve had ‘The Comforter’ treatment also, I would so recommend it highly I think it would especially be amazing around Christmas time to de-stress and cosy up, I may have to make a return trip…!

Love, Helen x



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